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Beebee was born to a minister‘s family where she gained most of her musical abilities from singing in church, In 2011 Beebee Bassey won the prize for the first runner up in “Voice of Crossriver” this motivated her to go on a bigger platform ‘Nigerian Idol’ 2014 where she was amongst the top five finalists. Beebee Bassey comes from Calabar, Cross River State the South-South part of Nigeria. She is a Gospel singer, songwriter, music tutor, and talented guitarist.

Her musical influences include Jesus Culture, Hillsong, Tarriguitari, Sinach, Vicky Yohe, and Dr Juanita Bynum. Her music genre comprises of contemporary Gospel Rock with the influence of Soul, R&B, and Jazz Music. In 2015 she worked as an entertainer with Pulse Nigeria and other great establishments while still Ministering as a gospel singer in churches. Beebee decided to pursue Her passion further as an entrepreneur by starting her business called Beebee’s Entertainment, which focused on providing quality entertainment to companies and business establishments.

From 2018 through to 2019 she began a journey of providing mentorship and imparting her musical knowledge on adults and kids. She also picks a huge interest in charity and assisting less-privileged Children. Through all this, she maintained focus and kept writing and making music.

In 2020 after having an encounter with the Lord, She decided to focus solely on gospel music using her life’s experiences to propagates the Gospel of Jesus Christ through songs inspire the world that though we go through the fire we will come out refined as gold.

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    Incredible God
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    July 30th 2020
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    Chris Heaven
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